Without AI text-to-speech software, recording voiceovers for content can be challenging and expensive. You need access to the right equipment and environment for quality output; otherwise, all efforts will be in vain.

You often find yourself rehearsing endlessly to nail the voiceover recording of a content piece, only to finish recording before discovering that you emphasized the wrong word or mispronounced a word. It gets worse when background noise reflects in the recording, ruining the output of a strenuous audio session. 

Thankfully, the right AI text-to-speech software lets you cut down on the time, money, and energy you exert into preparing the voiceovers for your team content. Your marketing team needs no extra budget to hire a voice-over actor.

Also, your content workflow needs not to be extended beyond the deadline to edit the imperfect recordings. All you need to streamline your content marketing efforts is the right AI text-to-speech software that generates a human-like AI voice.

In this article, I will review the ten best AI text-to-speech tools on the market, their pros, cons, and prices, so you can get more done quickly.

The 10 Best AI Text-to-Speech Software for Marketers in 2024: A Quick Comparison

Here is an overview of the best AI text-to-audio tools.

AI text-to-speech 
Best for
Multilingual voice support
Voice cloning 
Free Plan
Pricing (monthly)
Content creation and voice agents
Up to 12,500 characters
Creator $39
Unlimited $99
Custom (price available on request.)
Conversational and narrative voices
3-day free trial
Audiobook $9.99
Basic $69
Professional $99
Premium $139
Versatile content
Up to 10 minutes of AI voice 
Creator $23
Business $79
Enterprise (price available on request.)
Large enterprises
Up to 10,000 characters
Starter $5
Creator $22
Pro $99
Scale $330
WellSaid Lab
1-week free trial
Maker $44
Creative $89
Business $179
Enterprise (price available on request.)
Creating multipurpose content 
TTS $4
Explorer $59
Creator $89
Power $499
Credit $33
Custom (price available on request)
Professional voiceovers
Up to 10,000 tokens 
Real-time $6
Creator $30
Professional $90
Protecting content integrity
Up to 300 seconds 
Personal $0.006
Creator $29
Professional $99
Growth $299
Business $499
Enterprise (price available on request.)
Voice modification 
Premium $9.99
Plus $19
Single $49
Team $79
Voice and text generation
Starter $22
Creator $67
Enterprise (price available on request)

The 10 Best AI Text-to-Speech Software for Marketers in 2024

AI text-to-speech tools have become essential for all marketing teams and businesses.

However, the headache lies in choosing the best AI voice generator and getting the best value for your money. Here are the ten best AI text-to-audio apps on the market that will meet your content needs:

1. PlayHT

PlayHT homepage

PlayHT is an AI voice generator that creates a realistic voice for your content. It fluently reads your texts in the most conversational tone, passing across the intended message and erasing all forms of doubt that come with using AI text-to-speech software.

Not all AI text-to-audio tools understand the right emotions and intonations that fit a context, but PlayHT's advanced AI perfectly does it to produce the most realistic voices for your content.

This text-to-voice software derives its competitive advantage from its extensive library of 907 voices, cutting across 142 languages and dialects. It supports voice cloning for individuals and teams who wish to keep their brand voice consistent without their customers suspecting that the audio is AI-generated.

PlayHT software makes the perfect voiceovers for YouTube, explainers, tutorials, marketing, blog posts, TikTok, and demo videos.

It is a new way to generate speech across varying languages to capture and convert more leads that stumble on your content. Your audience can listen to your content while driving or shopping without staying glued to a screen.

Teams and individuals in different organizations, such as Hyundai, Salesforce, Moderna, Thompson Reuters, Door Dash, Equifax, and more, trust PlayHT to generate AI voice for their content and then focus on preparing the script for the next content.

Features of PlayHT

Below are some of the top features of PlayHT:

A vast library of AI voices

PlayHT comprises a growing library of 907 inbuilt human-like AI voices with clear and appropriate intonations. You can select the most appropriate voice that would resonate with your audience, ranging from a soft-spoken female to a bass-toned male.

AI voices on PlayHT

It features a multilingual voice library

PlayHT can translate text written in the English language to over 100 languages across the globe, including Chinese, Italian, Japanese, French, Turkish, Portuguese, etc. That way, non-English speakers in other countries can listen to your content or blog posts in their preferred language. It also breaks language barriers and captures more leads through your content marketing efforts.

PlayHT is multilingual

Add voice inflections

Alter the generated AI voices by manipulating the voice speed, word emphasis, intensity, and pitch to fine-tune the voice to your taste. You can also add pauses where necessary for a better flow and upload the pronunciation of specific words, like your brand or product name, to aid better understanding for your content consumers.

How to add voice inflection on PlayHT

Authentic voice cloning

Voice cloning allows non-English-speaking creators and marketers to create content in their own language. You can clone your voice by uploading an audio file to the PlayHT software. It then uses your voice to produce multiple speeches in different languages. Thus, you retain your original voice across your content.

voice cloning feature

AI voice agent

PlayHT comes with preinstalled voice agent technology that listens, understands, and responds to human speech in real-time. You can train it to provide exemplary customer service across industries. You can also train your AI voice agent to handle customer interactions without delaying inquiries.

Pros of PlayHT

  1. It has 907 AI voices. 
  2. It has a more robust library of languages compared to its competitors.
  3. The interface is easy to navigate.

Cons of PlayHT

  1. The voice converter and clone are limited in the free plan.
  2. Free users have no access to the multilingual library.

PlayHT Pricing

PlayHT pricing

Here is a breakdown of PlayHT pricing plans:

  • Free plan: The PlayHT free plan is limited to one voice clone and 12,500 characters of voice generation. Luckily, you will gain access to all the voices in the software.
  • Creator plan: It costs $39 per month and allows ten instant voice clones. Text conversion capacity expands to 250,000 characters and is a great option for individual creators.
  • Unlimited plan: For $99 per month, you will get unlimited access to PlayHT features. That includes unlimited characters, instant voice clones, faster speech generation, and access to all the voices and languages.
  • Custom: This plan is usually for large enterprises. You can contact PlayHT sales representatives to get custom pricing for their subscriptions.

Customer review 

2. Speechify

Speechify homepage

Speechify AI text-to-audio targets users looking to save time by reading less while increasing comprehension. Business professionals, students, writers, and people with a reading disability attest to the capabilities of Speechify, as it helps to double their reading, focus, and comprehension. 

Teams and businesses use Speechify to streamline their content creation workflow by deploying the built-in AI voice-over, voice cloning, AI dubbing, and AI video editing software.

Snoop Dogg, Mr. Beast, and Gwyneth Paltrow's voices were cloned to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Speechify AI voice generator. The most interesting part is that you can take a picture of the page you intend to read, and Speechify AI will read it out loudly without pasting the text.

Features of Speechify

Here are the standout features of Speechify: 

Read documents

Speechify cuts your reading time by converting your documents, emails, business proposals, etc., into an AI-generated voice that reads to you. It hastens reading time, especially when you can't read from a screen while commuting to work or lifting weights at the gym.

Adjust reading speed

This text-to-speech software allows you to increase the reading pace to 9X faster. That way, you can read more in less time and adjust the pace for better comprehension. It ensures that listeners with different IQs get to listen to their documents at their preferred pace.

Multilingual voices

Speechify comprises over 130 voices and 40+ languages. That allows creators to select the best voice to read their content in their preferred language. You can browse the voice and language collection to choose the most suitable AI voice for your content.

Pros of Speechify

  • Easy accessibility across multiple devices.
  • It offers a different price range for casual and business users.
  • Speechify AI has 130+ premium voices and 40 languages.

Cons of Speechify

  • Only a 3-day trial is available.

Speechify Pricing

Speechify pricing plans

Here is a breakdown of the Speechify pricing options:

  • Limited: This plan offers a 3-day free trial that grants you access to 10 minutes of voice generation and AI voice-over. It lets you adjust pronunciation, add pauses, and access 200+ voices.
  • Audiobook: This plan is mainly for casual users and costs $9.99 monthly. 
  • Basic: For $69 per user, you can download your content as video, audio, or text and generate up to 50 hours of voice per year.
  • Professional: This plan is perfect for marketers and costs $99 per user. It packs 100 hours of voice generation, 36 hours of dubbing, 100 hours of both audio and video transcriptions, and more.
  • Premium: It costs $139 monthly and has over 30 standard voices. It allows you to scan printed text into voice and read over 20 foreign languages.

Customer review 

customer review for speechify


Murf.ai homepage

Murf is an impressive AI text-to-speech software that generates studio-standard voiceovers for creators of all kinds. Murf has a voice for every type of content you might think of, be it marketing, entertainment, podcasts, education, animation, or product development content. 

Its simplistic nature makes it easy to adjust the settings to add emphasis, speed, and interjections in the generated voice until you are satisfied with the output.

You can also adjust the speed and pitch of the AI voice as you deem fit. Murf enhances team collaboration by allowing each member to navigate the software to generate AI voices for team content.

That eliminates work delays in a team and helps everyone’s productivity.

Features of Murf

Here are some features of Murf AI:

It generates quality audio

Murf AI Voice-Over Studio lets users create quality voice-overs for their projects. Murf is your best bet if you need a tool which handles audio and video voice-over generation. It generates realistic AI voices in minutes, saving you time and hundreds of dollars.

It enables customization

It allows users to customize the already-generated AI voice by altering the AI pitch, speed, pronunciation, and variability. You can also highlight a part of the text to add a pause and keep making changes until you are satisfied with the newly generated voice to add to your content.

It has a variety of voices

Murf enables you to browse and preview the 120+ voice libraries. Each voice is unique, and you can select the one most suitable for your content on the go. That way, you won't keep returning to the voice dashboard to reselect a new voice.

Pros of Murf 

  1. It supports over 120 AI voices and 20+ languages.
  2. It generates quality audio in minutes.
  3. The enterprise plan allows the translation of projects into over 20 languages.

Cons of Murf

  1. The free plan is limited.

Murf Pricing 

Murf pricing plans

Murf pricing plans include:

  • Free plan: The Murf free plan allows up to 10 minutes of voice generation.
  • Creator plan: It costs $23 per user monthly or $276 annually. The Murf Creator plan allows up to 24 hours of voice generation per year, unlimited downloads, Canva integrations, and access to 200+ voices. It is best for individual and freelance marketers.
  • Business: The business plan begins at $79 per month or $948 per year. It comprises everything in the creator plan, allows up to 96 hours of voice generation, 50 projects, an AI voice changer, and supports integration with Google Slides.
  • Enterprise: This plan is for large enterprises and offers unlimited voice generation and high-level security. It also comes with an assigned account manager.

Customer review 

Murf customer review

4. ElevenLabs

EleveLabs app

ElevenLabs is an AI voice generator that helps businesses, video creators, and developers produce high-quality speech for their content. It has an appealing interface and can convert text in the English language into foreign languages like Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, French, Greek, etc.

ElevenLabs generates a realistic AI voice and adds life to your content, making it engaging for listeners.

The AI model boasts advanced human intonation and inflections, which perfectly alter the delivery of the generated AI voice to fit the text context.

Whether you are creating short or long content, ElevenLabs provides you with a quality and captivating audio experience that captivates your listeners.

Firms like Harper Collins Publisher, Paradox Interactive, Storytel, and Magicave are loyal customers, exploring ElevenLabs AI text-to-speech software.

Features of ElevenLabs

Here are the key features of ElevenLabs:

Quality Audio

ElevenLabs turns text into lifelike audio that is understandable for listeners. The AI voice is not robotic and will not turn off your listeners.

Multilingual support

It supports over 120 voices and 29 languages. That means you can create voiceovers in multiple languages to capture more leads.

Voice cloning

ElevenLabs boasts fast voice-cloning attributes. It can clone your voice from a recording, store it, and then apply the same voice to another language. That is useful for teams or brands that want to keep a consistent brand voice without confusing their listeners.

Pros of ElevenLabs

  • It generates quality audio that is indistinguishable from a human voice.
  • It offers a generous free plan.
  • It has a clean and appealing interface.
  • Easily customizable 

Cons of ElevenLabs

  • The free plan is limited.

ElevenLabs Pricing

ElevenLabs pricing

The ElevenLabs pricing plan is as follows:

  • Free plan: The free plan generates voice for 10,000 characters per month and grants access to 29 languages.
  • Starter plan: This is for those with a more robust need for audio creation. It costs $5 per month, generates up to 30,000 characters, and clones your voice.
  • Creator: This is the most popular plan and costs $22. It is suitable for content creators with a large audience and allows up to 2 hours of voice generation, higher audio quality, and professional voice cloning for improved audio quality.
  • Pro: For $99, you'll get 10 hours of audio production, higher audio quality, and access to an analytics dashboard. It is the best option for large teams within an organization.
  • Scale: This is the enterprise price, which costs $330 per month for big organizations.

Customer review

EleveLabs customer reviews

5. WellSaid Lab

WellSaid Lab app

WellSaid text-to-speech software is an enterprise-best AI voice generator for converting text of varying lengths into speech. It allows marketers and creators to save time and money without compromising quality. 

You can also collaborate on audio production with your teammates to ease file sharing and streamline your workflow. WellSaid Lab lets you select the best voice by generating multiple voiceovers for one script.

You can also use it to create a realistic AI voice for content in advertising, e-learning, publishing, audiobooks, etc. Global brands like Five9, Intel, Snowflake, etc. use WellSaid Labs for their content without spending additional money on expensive recording equipment.

It also boldly demonstrates different voices, so creators can listen at length before making a decision.

Features of WellSaid Lab

Below are the features of WellSaid Lab:

Enhanced team collaboration

This AI text-to-voice generator boosts team collaboration, enables feedback, and facilitates the sharing of files. It ensures that all members know what goes into the voice production process.

Faster speech production 

WellSaid Lab AI voice generation is fast. It generates voices in real-time and is ten times faster than its competitors. The AI accurately generates voices in both narration and conversational styles.

Pronunciation library

You can teach the AI to pronounce certain words to tell your story exactly how you want it. There are no limitations on the number of pronunciations you can upload, so add as many as you need.

Pros of WellSaid Lab

  • It comprises over 50 voices.
  • Add a unique pronunciation.
  • It requires no editing expertise from users.

Cons of WellSaid Lab

  • It offers a limited free trial of up to 1 week.
  • It is expensive.

WellSaid Lab Pricing

WellSaid Lab pricing plans

WellSaid pricing is as follows:

  • Free: This is available for one week before first-timers lose access to the software.
  • Maker: This plan is best for individual creators and costs $44 per month per user. You will get access to 24 voice avatars, audio downloads, unlimited retakes, and more.
  • Creative: This is a pro plan available for creators with a more robust need for audio production. For $89 per month, you will get 9,000 audio downloads, unlimited retakes, and access to all voice avatars.
  • Business: This plan comprises everything in the creative plan and enables 100 projects per user. It provides a collaborative workspace for the team and offers dedicated support to subscribers. The business plan costs $179 per month.
  • Enterprise: Pricing is available on request for larger teams interested in the tool. It offers tailored team configurations and access to unlimited projects. 

Customer review 

WellSaid Lab customer review

6. Respeecher 

Respeecher app

Respeecher is a revolutionary AI text-to-audio tool transforming the digital space with authentic AI-generated voices. The AI voice is a replica of a human voice and serves the needs of creators across different industries.

It produces one of the best realistic AI voices on the market and demonstrates this by cloning the voices of celebrities like Richard Nixon, Aloe Black, Young Luke, etc.

You can use the tool to generate voices for films, customer centers, TV, games, animations, and more.

It is concerned with serving quality audio across all content types to satisfy its customers.

Features of Respeecher

Respeecher has the following features:

It offers cross-language voice cloning

Upload your voice to the text-to-voice software, and it will save and apply to your projects across varying languages.

It is customizable

It lets you customize your output before voice generation. Go to the settings tab to make changes and watch them reflect in subsequent AI voices.

Ethical business

Respeecher is strict about conducting ethical business and protecting the privacy of their customers. That enhances customer satisfaction and secures confidential information.

Pros of Respeecher

  • It is highly customizable.
  • It offers affordable pricing. 

Cons of Respeecher 

  • It has a complex interface.

Respeecher Pricing

Respeecher Pricing Plans

Respeecher pricing plan is as follows:

  • TTS only: Starting at $4, you can gain access to a library of 20 voices and five accents.
  • Explorer: For $59 per month, you will gain access to 20 voices, five accents, and 3 MLN characters for text-to-speech.
  • Creator: For $89 per month, this plan provides access to over 100 voices, 13 accents, and 90 minutes of speech generation.
  • Power: For $499, you will access over 100 voices, 900 minutes of speech, 13 accents, and 3 MLN characters text-to-speech.
  • Credit: For $33, you can access 20 voices, five accents, and one credit, which is the equivalent of $6.6.
  • Custom: This is available for large enterprises and provides real-time conversion and custom voices. However, only enterprises generating up to $100,000 in annual revenue are eligible.

Customer review

Respeecher customer review

7. Altered

Altered homepage

Altered is an all-inclusive voice-generation tool that converts text to speech and voice to voice. It provides creators with a portfolio of natural-sounding voiceovers. You can customize it based on the user's preferences. 

Unlike other tools on this list, Altered fine-tunes the voice of a voice actor while maintaining professionalism in its text-to-speech voices.

With less than 8 seconds of voice upload, Altered can perfectly clone and save your voice so you can use it in your projects. Use it to save the hundreds of dollars you spend employing a professional voiceover actor. 

Features of Altered 

Below are the features of Altered:

Professional voiceovers

Altered Studio generates professional voiceovers for creators looking to skip the stress of recording audio. That leaves you with more time on your hands to attend to other projects.

High-quality audio recordings

Altered can refine uploaded audio recordings by removing background noises, mouth artifacts, voice fillers, and other hindrances that can ruin your audio's quality.

Text translation to 75+ languages

It can generate AI voices in over 75 languages, satisfying your audio needs for all the content planned in your calendar.

Pros of Altered

  • Appealing interface.
  • Highly customizable to fit your style.

Cons of Altered

  • Limited free trial.
  • The screen gets cluttered with time.

Altered Pricing

Altered pricing plans

Take a look at the Altered pricing below:

Free plan: It offers unlimited real-time text-to-speech generation, 5 minutes of voice morphing, and 10,000 AI tokens.

Real-time: Starting at $6 per month, Altered offers 25,000 AI tokens, unlimited voice generation, and 5 minutes of monthly voice morphing.

Creator: For $30 per month, you can get 325,000 AI tokens, 60 minutes of voice and accent morphing, and unlimited text-to-speech generation.

Professional: This is the most popular pricing plan in the Altered AI voice generator and costs $90 per month. It comprises everything in Creator, including flexible voice morphing and access to a wholesome 1,000,000 tokens. 

8. Resemble

Resemble AI app

Resemble.ai is a remarkable AI text-to-speech software with ready-to-use natural-sounding voices. It delivers speech nuanced with emotions and generates a highly realistic human voice that's not robotic.

Resemble lets creators experience its advanced TTS model and delivers context-aware narrations that bring life to content. 

It has an extensive library of over 149 voices that you can select from, and it can also generate AI voices to fit your content type. You could use Resemble to create entertainment, advertisements, education, customer service, gaming, security, and conversational AI bot voiceovers.

Also, voice cloning is faster and easier with Resemble, as the output comes with high accuracy and authenticity.

Features of Resemble

Here are the features of Resemble:

It has a vast library of AI voices

Resemble.ai allows you to explore over 149 voices when generating an AI voice. That opens multiple options to select from.

It has an AI watermark

The AI watermark helps to identify whether your audio data exists in other AI software. This safeguards your AI voice and protects the integrity of your content.

The TTS model generates high-quality audio

The Resemble text-to-speech model generates studio-quality audio for your content. No one would suspect that you use AI. And you can save tons of money and time.

Pros of Resemble

  • Accurate voice cloning.
  • It generates quality and realistic AI audio that is helpful for the visually impaired.
  • It offers personalized voice output.

Cons of Resemble

  • The free trial is limited. 

Resemble Pricing

Resemble pricing plans

Here is a breakdown of Resemble pricing plans:

  • Personal: This plan grants you access to over 40 voices and 1000 seconds of voice generation. Enjoy all this while you pay $0.006 per second, get unlimited audio downloads, and have access to an API.
  • Creator: For $29, you will get 10,000 seconds of voice generation, after which you pay $0.006 per second. It allows up to five voice clones and generates voices with English, Spanish, French, and British accents.
  • Professional: It costs $99 and grants access to over 68 languages. You can clone up to 25 voices and get up to 80,000 seconds of voice generation.
  • Growth: This plan costs $299 and allows for 100 voice clones. You can access up to 200,000 seconds of voice generation in over 68 languages.
  • Business: For $499 per month, Resemble grants you access to 149 languages, the ability to create custom voices via API, 320,000 seconds of voice generation, and 500 rapid voice clones.
  • Enterprise: Large enterprises get real-time conversion, dedicated support, a custom voice API, and access to 149 languages. Pricing is available on request.

Customer review 

What customers are saying about Resemble AI

9. NaturalReader


NaturalReader is an AI text-to-speech conversion software that helps businesses create quality human-like voices for their content. It produces a natural-sounding voice, which increases a firm's efficiency, preventing them from relying on rigorous self-recording or hiring voice-over actors. 

NaturalReader allows you to customize your experience by selecting the plan that fits your needs immediately after you check out the website.

It features an extensive collection of voices with different accents ranging from African American to British, spanning across distinct age ranges.

It also permits browsing the many AI voice recordings in NaturalReader projects, so you'll have a deeper understanding of the voices the software generates.

You can personalize your experience with NaturalReader by choosing the personal or commercial plan. 

Over 6,000 reputable companies, like the University of Chicago, the United Nations, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Institute of Mental Health, and more, trust NaturalReader to convert their text to spoken words.

Features of NaturalReader

Here are the features of NaturalReader:

Quality audio 

NaturalReader generates realistic voiceovers for personal and commercial use. You can use the voices in YouTube, audiobooks, e-learning, and demo videos. 

Pronunciation Editor

It lets you add the pronunciation of certain words, such as a brand's name, that can confuse the AI. You can import a file or create it directly in the NaturalReader software.

Voice style

NaturalReader lets you select a voice style to convey your message to the intended audience. You can choose to convey your message in moods like cheerful, hopeful, angry, excited, unfriendly, sad, and more. All you need is to select the right voice for your text, and it'll generate it in minutes.

Pros of NaturalReader

  • It has an easy interface.
  • It easily reflects textual changes in voices.

Cons of NaturalReader

  • Pricing is not transparent. 

NaturalReader Pricing

NaturalReader pricing plans
  • Free: It costs $0 per month
  • Premium: It costs $9.99 per month or $59.88 per year.
  • Plus: This costs $19 per month or $110 per year.
  • Single plan: This plan is for individual users and starts at $49.
  • Team plan: The price plan allows up to four team members and costs $79.

Customer review

What customers are saying about NaturalReader

10. Synthesia

Synthesia app

Synthesia AI text-to-speech generator creates studio-standard voiceovers for videos in minutes. You no longer need to purchase expensive microphones or rehearse endlessly to record audio. Type your text into Synthesia, and select a voice type to generate the audio instantly. 

The Synthesia AI model allows you to effortlessly clone your voice into the software and utilize it to generate new voices while retaining their originality. It produces realistic AI videos at no extra cost and saves a significant amount of time.

Over 50,000 companies, like Reuters, Xerox, Zoom, Heineken, Teleperformance, etc., trust Synthesia with their audio. It demonstrates the effectiveness of its text-to-speech tool by showcasing several instances where Synthesia AI reads a text.

Features of Synthesia

Here are some key features of Synthesia:

Multiple AI voices

It features 400+ AI voices and 130+ languages, so you can browse the collection to select any voice that suits your content type.

It generates video and audio

It doubles as a video and audio voiceover generator to fulfill the customers’ needs. Check out Synthesis if your team needs to cut video and audio production costs. 

Top-notch voice quality

The AI voices are expressive and laced with a human touch to captivate the listeners’ attention. Also, no robotic voice will turn off your listeners when listening to your content. 

Pros of Synthesia

  • It easily adjusts to text changes.
  • It is easy to use.

Cons of Synthesia 

  • It has a limited free trial.

Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia pricing plans

Synthesia text-to-speech pricing is as follows:

  • Starter plan: This plan costs $22 and provides access to 120 minutes of yearly voices, over 70 voices, and an in-built screen recorder.
  • Creator: For $67, you will get 360 minutes of yearly voice generation, over 90 voices, audio downloads, and custom fonts.
  • Enterprise: This plan offers unlimited voice generation. Contact the Synthesia sales rep for the price. 

Customer review 

What customers are saying about Synthesia

Who Can Benefit From AI Text-to-Speech Tools? 

Marketing professionals and businesses aren't the only beneficiaries of AI text-to-speech software.

Here is a list of people from different walks of life who can explore AI voice generators to serve their needs.


Students can deploy text-to-voice software to read more in less time. They can study faster by listening to PDFs, audiobooks, and textbooks using the software reviewed in this article.

Content Creators 

Content creators who wish to diversify their creativity by producing content in multiple languages can benefit from AI voice generators. They can capture more audiences by converting content written in English into French, Portuguese, Italian, etc.


Podcasters can use text-to-speech tools to become more efficient with their work by using the AI clone feature to clone their voice into the text-to-voice software. That enables them to publish new podcast episodes with their cloned voice while focusing on preparing the script for another episode.

Dyslexic Patients

Dyslexic patients who find it difficult to read text on a screen can easily consume content using a text-to-audio converter.


Authors can save tons of time reading and editing their work by using text-to-voice software. That’s because it is faster and allows them to capture mistakes in their writing easily.


Instead of employing different voice-over actors, animators can save costs by using text-to-speech software to generate different AI voices for each character in their creative arsenal.

The Visually Impaired

The visually impaired will no longer feel left out and can read a blog post or book with an AI voice generator.  They can easily listen to a book via an AI voice generator and consume information without hindrance. 


AI voice generators can read storybooks to children. It can also aid in learning new words and pronunciation. Thankfully, most AI text-to-audio allows users to alter the reading speed, enabling children to enjoy their bedtime stories. 

How We Evaluated the 10 Best AI Text-to-Speech Tools

When selecting the ten best AI text-to-speech, we performed evaluations and checked for quality, security compliance, and the ability of the software to get the job done. Here are the four areas we considered:

Realistic and Quality AI Voice

I selected the best text-to-speech software capable of generating realistic human voices.

Since robotic AI voices are known to confuse and turn off listeners, I ensured that each tool in this article can imitate the human style of delivering messages in a conversational tone to provide the best quality.

I also evaluated the ability of each software to create quality voice-overs to fulfill your marketing needs.

Team Collaboration and Security

It is crucial for an AI voice generator to enhance team collaboration on projects. It is also critical that the software complies with the firm's security standards, as this enhances team productivity while ensuring that the company's intellectual property is secure.

Voice Controls

This refers to the software's ability to alter the already-generated voice to perfection through controls like emphasis, voice style, pause, pitch, pace, and pronunciation. An efficient AI text-to-speech software should allow you to customize the generated voices using the inbuilt voice controls until you get the desired result.

Ease of Use and Multilingual Support

Not all AI voice generators are easy to use, but most of the software on this list passed the test. They also support voice generation in multiple languages, so creators and marketers can easily bypass language barriers preventing them from reaching a wider audience.

Automate Voice Recordings With AI

Gone are the days when you had to spend a significant amount of time recording or budgeting an extra fee to hire professional voice-over services. AI text-to-speech software lets you fast-track your content production by generating voices in minutes, saving you several hours of your day. 

Marketers, businesses, professionals, students, and more are jumping on AI text-to-speech software to automate voice recordings without compromising quality. 

You can now select the best AI text-to-speech software that aligns with your team's goals and budget. Which of these AI voice generators will you use to convert your long blocks of text into a human-like voice?

If you're looking to explore more AI tools in your team, check out our article on the 10 best AI note-takers to automate note-taking at meetings. 

FAQs of the Best AI Text-to-Speech Software 

These are the frequently asked questions about the best AI text-to-speech tools on the market.

What Is AI Text-to-Speech?

AI text-to-speech is an artificial intelligence software that converts text into voice. And it can fluently read text in your preferred language.  

Who Should Use Text-to-Speech?

Anyone who enjoys consuming auditory information instead of reading from a screen will benefit from text-to-speech software. Marketers and businesses can also use it to create content, break language barriers, and reach a global audience. 

How Do I Turn Text Into Audio Online?

Turn text into audio by using any of the AI voice generators reviewed in this article.

How Do I Make Text-to-Speech Readable?

Make this happen by pasting your text into the AI voice generator, then clicking on Generate Voice. 

Is There a Free AI Voice Generator?

Yes. The majority of the AI voice generator software reviewed in this article has a free version or a limited free trial.

Is It Legal To Use AI Voices?

Using AI-generated voices is legal as long as you do not deploy them for the wrong reasons, such as to commit fraud or impersonate an innocent person. Anyone who uses it to commit a crime will face the legal consequences. That's because such practices are unethical and call for sanctions. However, AI voice generators are legal if you use them to create content and perform other ethical activities.