Almost two years after I wrote my first comparison of Copy AI vs. Writesonic, the difference between the two generative AI tools has grown bigger.

With more marketers, freelance writers, and eCommerce store owners finally adopting AI content writing software into their daily workflows, each platform has pivoted to suit the ever-changing demands of its users.

If you’re a first-time user trying to decide which one to settle for between Copy AI and Writesonic, this post will help you see each software's strongest use cases.

Let’s get into it.

Copy AI vs. Writesonic: What are the standout features of Writesonic?

First, a brief introduction to Writesonic:

Writesonic is a generative AI platform for creating content, optimizing articles for search engines, and creating a chatbot.

It’s the most dynamic AI tool out there for marketers, bloggers, and sales teams, and it offers a host of features to take your productivity to another level. If you’re a marketer looking for an all-in-one tool for your marketing campaign, Writesonic is for you.

Below are the most important features of Writesonic:

Chatsonic for SERP analysis

Recently, Writesonic has been focusing more on a ChatGPT-like feature known as Chatsonic—and for good reason. It calls it the best ChatGPT alternative for content creation.

Many users want to know if Chatsonic is as good as ChatGPT and if it’s a good tool for creating long-form content. To answer that, I tried out Chatsonic, and my answer to both questions is a resounding yes.

Chatsonic interface
Putting Chatsonic to the test

Chatsonic has proven to be a powerful long-form content creation assistant that goes beyond merely whipping words together. In addition to writing high-quality, long-form content, it’s also a research assistant that provides you with information in real-time.

You can chat with Chatsonic as your content partner to brainstorm topics, find keywords, uncover search intent, and pull real-time answers from Google.

Unlike ChatGPT, Chatsonic can draw data and information from Google in real time to answer your queries. This can facilitate faster research, a deeper understanding of the SERPs, competition analysis, and the creation of a more accurate and SEO-optimized outline.

For example, I asked Chatsonic to give me a summary of the top ten articles on the SERP about Writesonic vs. Copy AI, and it immediately gave the following answer:

Chatsonic at work
Chatsonic response

What’s more? SERP analysis is one of the most important steps in writing a great blog post.

With a feature like this, you’ll reduce your research time significantly and enrich your article by covering everything your competitors have covered and adding your unique point of view.

Article Writer 5.0 for long-form content creation

From day one, Writesonic has always focused on one thing: long-form content creation. In fact, in its early days, Writesonic only had one feature: article writing.

With time, it got better and better at that, and then it added more features. Today, we have Article Writer 5.0, the fifth generation of its flagship article writer, which doesn’t only write high-quality, human-like articles but also:

  • Uses real references in its content
  • Provides up-to-date and factual data

Speaking of quality, Writesonic has the highest quality of any AI article writer I’ve ever tried. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the recent article it generated in the screenshot below:

Writesonic-generated article
Writesonic-generated article

A quick analysis of the article shows that Writesonic is built for writing articles that rank on Google. By ticking all on-page SEO boxes, such as the keyphrase in the first paragraph, article structure, H-tags, and the strategic use of keywords, it demonstrated a knack for optimizing articles.

But that’s not all. If you want to optimize the article further, you can use the SEO checker, which we will cover next.

SEO Checker and Analyzer for SEO optimization

Writesonic’s SEO checker analyzes the ranking signals in your articles to score your content and suggest areas for improvement. Better still, you can automate those areas of improvement as soon as it’s completed its analysis to ensure more accuracy.

This is like Surfer SEO and Clearscope combined in a single place (by the way, I have a comprehensive comparison of Surfer SEO vs. Clearscope). The ranking signals that Writesonic will analyze include:

  • Keyword volume
  • Competitor keywords
  • Content structure
  • Titles (H-tags)
  • Internal links
  • Image optimization
  • Number of images
  • Word count
  • LSI keywords, etc.
Writesonic SEO checker and analyzer at work
Writesonic SEO checker and analyzer

This has several benefits, including:

  • Saving money on content optimization tools like Surfer SEO and Clearscope  
  • Saving time by writing and analyzing your article in the same tool  
  • Automating the optimization to ensure more accuracy and speed

I also pasted this article, Copy AI vs. Writesonic, on the tool, and it showed a score of 73%, as you can see above.

Email tool to craft compelling sales and follow-up emails

Writesonic also offers an amazing email writing feature for sales teams and email marketers.

If you’re worried about personalization and whether email writing software can craft a personalized email, worry not.

Just provide Writesonic with the context and all the necessary information—such as the recipient’s name and the purpose of the email—and you’ll get an email copy like this:

An example of Writesonic email draft
An example of Writesonic email draft

If you think I have edited that, you’re mistaken. That’s 100% Writesonic-generated. The time and energy saved from thinking and generating a brilliant email copy like this is improbable.

And once Writesonic does the heavy lifting, you can spend your freed-up time closing more deals.

Social media toolkit for more visibility and engagement

From Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn to Twitter, Writesonic offers custom templates for different social media platforms.

As a social media marketer, if you want to increase visibility and boost engagement, use Writesonic.

To write this article, I put the Writesonic LinkedIn content template to the test. Below is the result:

Writesonic-generated LinkedIn post
Writesonic-generated LinkedIn post


That content you see up there hasn’t been edited by a human. 

Botsonic GPT bots for customer interaction and pipeline management

Writesonic is fast evolving into a more comprehensive suite of solutions for marketers and sales teams. One good example of that is its AI chatbot builder, Botsonic.

Botsonic works across different channels—Whatsapp, Slack, Messenger, Google Team, Telegram, etc.—and can handle complex interactions with your customers.

You can connect it to multiple data sources, including your CRM and your websites, and train it based on your knowledge base. And this brings an end to the days of using bland chatbots that end up annoying your users.

I’m not saying GPT bots can replace your customer care representatives, but there is an upside to having a chatbot that can engage in interactive conversations, deliver personalized experiences, and respond to queries almost as well as humans.

If you run a lean team with a growing customer base and you need an interactive chatbot to handle some of the conversations, Writesonic GPT bot builder can help you.

Integrations to improve your workflow

If you have some favorite tools you use daily, there is no need to fret. Writesonic integrates with over 70 content creation tools to keep you organized.

These include Grammarly, Copyscape, WordPress, Zapier, Surfer SEO, SEMRush, and so on.

Product Description

This enables you to build a robust content marketing workflow without hassle—from keyword research to publishing.

Writesonic's product description is one of the best that I’ve ever seen, overall. It generates a good product description that can be used on any eCommerce store and can drive conversion.

Its product description templates include 

  • Amazon-sponsored brand ads headline
  • Amazon product descriptions
  • Amazon product features
  • Amazon product titles

And most importantly, if none of those work for you, then it has a template for product descriptions in general.

This means it can create unique content for Etsy, eBay, Flipkart, and much more, albeit without customizing it for any of them in particular. See the example below for what its product description looks like:

An example of Writesonic product description
Example of Writsonic product description

However, I don't believe Writesonic is the best eCommerce product description writing software. That spot goes to either Copy AI or Copysmith. Click on that link to learn more.

Writesonic Pricing: How is it different from Copy AI?

Writesonic pricing plans
Writesonic pricing plans

Here is a quick breakdown of Writesonic's pricing plans:

  • Free plan: This is forever free and lets you generate 10,000 words per month. Obviously, the options here are limited, but it’s good for testing the water.
  • Freelancer: This costs $16 per month, and it’s targeted at individual content creators.
  • Small team: Starts at $13 per month, and the rate increases with more word count and user seats.
  • Enterprise: Starts at $500 per month, and the options here are limitless.
  • Botsonic pricing: Botsonic also has a free plan, and the pricing plan starts at $20 per month.


  • It's very easy to use
  • The integrations help you stay organized
  • Good for SEO
  • Offers enough AI templates
  • Affordable plans


  • In some instances, the complex pricing structure makes it difficult to determine the actual cost.

Who is Writesonic for?

Nearly anyone who needs content generated can use Writesonic, but those who would benefit the most from Writesonic are:

  • Content marketers
  • SEOs
  • Sales and outreach teams
  • Bloggers
  • Content marketing agencies
  • Copywriters

Try Writesonic Now. No credit card is required.

Copy AI article: What are the standout features of

Copy AI is an AI writing tool for sales and marketing teams. It comes with a prebuilt workflow to help marketing and sales teams automate repetitive tasks without juggling too many tools at the same time.

It writes blog posts, social media posts, email content, and much more.

Here are the top features of Copy.AI:

Prebuilt content and sales workflow to automate repetitive tasks

Every content and sales activity goes through a specific—often repeatable—process. When repeated daily, these processes become monotonous and productivity killers.

With the prebuilt workflow on, a lot of those steps can be automated, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

For example, the marketing workflow lets you preset a series of content creation steps, from keyword research to content brief creation to blog post generation.

Although this process differs from team to team and individual to individual, you get the drift.

The screenshot below shows some of the steps involved in Copy AI’s marketing workflow:

Copy AI workflow
Copy AI workflow

Long-form content for blogging and content marketing

There is no comparing Writesonic vs. Copy AI without looking at the long-form content. For a lot of readers, the winner in this area is the overall winner. But I will not be giving my opinion just yet.

First, let me show you a recent article generated by Copy AI:

Copy.AI-generated article
Copy.AI-generated article

Compared to the last time I used this template, this is a significant improvement. And the article is off to a great start. Within a few minutes of editing this, the article will be ready for publishing.

That saves you several hours of your day.

Social media content for faster content creation and more engagement

For social media content, Copy AI takes things a notch higher. For each prompt you provide, you’ll get eight versions based on different copywriting frameworks, including AIDA, PAS, ACCA, and QUEST.

This allows you to choose which of the available copies you find to be more resonant with your audience.

See the example below for two of its frameworks:

Social media post by Copy AI
Social media post by Copy AI

If you're looking for social media post generators that can write engaging social media content, try Copy AI.

Copy AI pricing: How does Copy AI compare to Writesonic?

Copy AI pricing plan
Copy AI pricing plan

Copy AI offers consistent and straightforward pricing plans, which makes so much sense to me. They are as follows:

Forever-free: this is always free, and you’ll get 2000 words per month.

Pro: This costs $36 per month, and the number of words to be generated is unlimited.

Team: This costs $186 per month, and it’s where most magic is.


  • It’s very easy to use
  • It has an active social media presence
  • It has an active Facebook community
  • It’s good for social media
  • It has a lot of templates


  • Not SEO-centered like Writesonic

Who is Copy AI for?

Copy AI is a bit more versatile than Writesonic in terms of AI writing templates. But versatile doesn’t mean “more useful.”

So, you’d benefit more from CopyAI if you’re a:

  • Social media marketer
  • Email marketer
  • Social media influencer
  • copywriter

Copy AI vs. Writesonic: Things to consider before choosing

Beyond those top features, there are other essential things to consider before making your choice. Let's have a look.

Content quality

For me, Writesonic is an absolute beast when it comes to content quality. Its content is as close to human as it can get. And one of the things I've noticed about Writesonic is that it's trained in content marketing.

This explains why it's style is fully in line with the content marketing world standard. If you're a blogger or content marketer and want to write long-form marketing content, Writesonic beats Copy AI hands down.

The thing is: Copy AI used to win the battle for short-form content, but that's not so straightforward anymore. But if you're mostly after short-form content like ads, for example, check out this comparison of Anyword vs Copy AI.

Customer Support

Writesonic has three channels of customer support: a call, a live chat, and a contact form.

Writesonic's live chat support ensures rapid responses and also has a thriving Facebook community. On the other hand, has a larger Facebook community, boasting over 118,000 users, but lacks a live chat option, making Writesonic the winner in customer support.

Ease of Use

Writesonic and are user-friendly platforms. If you are in any way familiar with the web, you can operate either of the two without needing special training.

Supported languages

Copy AI supports 25+ languages aside from English, including European languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, and so on. And it also supports some Asian languages, such as Japanese and Chinese.

Writesonic, on the other hand, only supports English. CopyAI is the winner here.

Integration with third-party software

Integration is very essential in marketing. If your tools can't work together, that'll affect your efficiency. Luckily, both tools offer a sufficient number of integrations.

But if their integrations aren't enough for you, you can check out these Copy AI alternatives.

Copy AI vs. Writesonic: Which One is the Best?

After using both tools for a while, my recommendation is that you should go for Writesonic if you are an SEO, a content marketer, or a blogger. Go for Copy AI if you're a social media professional.

While this choice isn't totally black-and-white, I've provided everything you need to make an informed decision in this article.