After reading some of the novels written by AI novel writing software, many people started questioning if human writing has become obsolete.

They don’t know that, while AI does help with novel writing, the path to creating an AI-written novel isn’t that straightforward. It requires selecting the right tool, the ability to collaborate with the tool, and knowing one or two things about writing novels.

This piece will answer every question you have about AI software that writes novels, discuss how  AI creative storytelling works, and show you the best AI novel writing tools as well as their samples.

Can AI write a novel?

The short answer is yes. AI can write a novel, and many novels have been written by AI. Below is an example:

Jasper AI generated novel

But that testimony isn’t just for you to see that AI can write a book, but to also let you know that you need to know about novel writing before embarking on this.

For without some preliminary knowledge of novel writing, AI will not be able to help you. AI can create a plot, and write some really interesting dialogues and narration, but they also tend to make a lot of mistakes, and may sometime lose their coherency along the way. 

With that understood, let’s get into the nucleus of this post, where we will review the best AI novel writing software on the web today.

7 Top AI Novel Writing Software You Should Consider

Below are the top 7 AI novel writing software that you can trust.

Jasper AI

Jasper is an AI novel writing software for creating different types of content. It’s one of the most versatile AI copywriting tools and has templates for writing novels, marketing content, eCommerce content, editorial content, and so on.

I’m making Jasper AI the first choice in the list of software that writes novels because it’s the only one that has a template known as creative story.

Let’s discuss the features of Jasper in relation to novel writing.

Features of Jasper

These are Jasper’s features that you need for novel writing.

Creative story

Jasper’s creative story is a feature that helps you write fiction. 

What you have to do for Jasper to create a story is rather simple. Create a plot and enter it on Jasper, like this:

Jasper AI creative story input

After this, Jasper will develop a fully formed interesting story for you. 

Below is the result of the input you see above:

Jasper AI creative story output

If you need more examples, below is a screenshot of another plot with another story written by Jasper.

Another example of Jasper AI creative story example

These are really interesting stories. But as you can see, they are short stories, and a novel can’t be that short.

So, how do you write a full novel with an AI? I answer that next before discussing other Jasper features.

How to write a full novel with Jasper AI

To use Jasper to generate a long story, you need to know how to manipulate it to that. And most of this experience will come from getting used to the software and knowing how to use it. 

After using the creative story to expand your plot, you’ll want Jasper to keep telling the story until you’ve written a whole book.

It has some obvious features that will help you expand your point further, such as the long-form writing assistant and “Command J/Ctrl J.” Select any of them you want and follow the prompt. Your novel will be ready in no time.

Boss Mode

Boss Mode is Jasper’s feature for generating long-form posts like blog posts, emails, long social media posts, and so on.

What’s unique about it is that Boss Mode gives you the power to instruct Jasper, as opposed to merely using the available templates.

By writing order and telling it to write on that, it will write whatever you want it to. It is one of Jasper’s recipes, a feature that lets you work hand in hand with Jasper.

One-shot blog post

Although Jasper has always been popular for creating long-form content. It wasn’t always easy to write a blog post with it.

They recently made an update and added a blog creation feature that doesn’t require too much effort from you. This feature is known as one-shot blog post.

Plagiarism checker

Jasper also integrates with Copyscape, a plagiarism checker. This will enable you to check any content you create on Jasper for plagiarism. And if there is any plagiarised text in it, it will show you and you’ll remove it.

It’s important to note that this will require you to add more funds aside from the normal pricing of Jasper.

Inside the app, you’ll see this:

Jasper plagiarism checker

Jasper Pricing

Jasper AI pricing

Jasper has three pricing plans. The first one is for creating short-form content like tweets, email subject lines, and product descriptions. This also lets you generate 35,000 words and it costs $49 a month.

The second plan is known as Boss Mode. this is for long-form content like novel writing, blog post, and email. This costs $99/month and lets you generate 100,000 words.

The last plan is the business plan for which you’ll need to book a demo. It’s quite important to understand that the first two plans are flexible. You can lower the amount you want to pay to get lesser words and you can increase it to get more words.

All these adjustments have been specified in the pricing page.

My thought on creating a novel with Jasper

Jasper is one of the most versatile AI copywriting tools on the web today, and for AI novel creation, it comes with the most options. This includes the creative story template, the plagiarism detector, and other features such as tone of voice selection and writing frameworks.

You can try Jasper AI now and see it for yourself.

Rytr: for developing a story plot

Rytr is automated copywriting software for creating marketing content and novel. It’s mostly focused on short-form content but has a feature that’ll help you develop a novel.

Let us assess some of those features.

Features of Rytr

Here, we’ll review the major features of Rytr.

Story plot

Rytr has a feature known as story plot, which takes a bit of information from you and creates a story plot.

This will set the stage for your story and you can use the plot to steer your story in the right direction.

This is particularly useful if you need inspiration for your novel from an AI.

See an example below:

Rytr story plot

Email content

If you want to write an email, or Rytr an email as they refer to it in their app, Rytr is a good software for that.

This is mainly used for marketing email but can be applied across multiple purposes including personal email and office email.

This is an example of an email by Rytr:

Rytr email

Plagiarism checker

Rytr’s features include a plagiarism checker. This helps you to cross-check your content for plagiarism without recourse to another piece of software.

This also ensures that your AI-written novel is quality and doesn’t have any plagiarism.

Rytr pricing

Rytr has a forever-free plan which you can use to test the tool. If you are satisfied with the outIt also ensures that any AI-written novel you create is plagiarism-free.

Rytr pricing

Rytr pricing

Rytr has a forever-free plan that you can use to test its features. If you are fine you can proceed to become a paid subscriber.

The basic plan costs $9/month and it lets you generate 50,000 characters. For unlimited characters, you can subscribe to the $29/month plan.

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QuillBot: for writing better sentences

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that exists both as an app and as an app extension. It is used for turning your subpar phrases into excellent turns of phrases and sentences.

Below are the features of QuillBot.

Features of QuillBot

These are the top features of QuillBot.


QuillBot’s main purpose is to paraphrase. It ensures you create clear and credible text that’s easy to understand.

It also detects and corrects awkward sentences, incomplete phrases, and a lot of other mistakes. But the focus is not on detecting mistakes like it is on helping you rewrite your content into something truly excellent.

See this example:

QuillBot at work

Article summarizer

Article summarizer can help you summarize your article into a summary or a conclusion of a piece.

To do this, you can paste your article into QuillBot for it to summarize.


The QuillBot’s cowriter feature works with you in real-time to detect grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and can also paraphrase.

This can be of assistance if you are working in Google Docs or in any other online writing tool.

QuillBot Pricing

QuilllBot pricing page

QuillBot can be used freely. But the paid plan comes with everything you need. If you choose to pay monthly, it costs $9.95. The semi-annual plan costs $39.95 while the annual plan costs $49.95.

My thought on QuillBot as an AI novel writing software

As a matter of fact, it’s quite possible for your eyes to skip a lot of mistakes in your writing and your mind to ignore a lot of bad sentences. This might be due to fatigue or any other cause. But with software like QuillBot, no mistake will go unnoticed and it will also help you write the best sentences.

Grammarly: for detecting grammar errors

Grammarly is an app/app extension of grammar and spelling checks. It detects spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes in real-time.

Features of Grammarly

Here are the features of Grammarly.

Spelling and grammar check

For proper, real-time grammar and spelling checks, use Grammarly. It works across different apps, both on mobile and computer. And it detects the grammar and spelling errors in your writing in real-time.

Tone adjustment suggestions

Grammarly Premium offers tone adjustment solutions. This is to ensure that you have the appropriate word at the appropriate time and say things the way you should.

Say, for example, you want to say something a little harsh without being rude. Grammarly might suggest better words or sentences you can use to avoid sounding rude.

Plagiarism checker

Grammarly has a plagiarism detector of its own. This is a plus as you don’t have to do another subscription for a separate plagiarism checker.

Grammarly pricing

Grammarly pricing page

Grammarly is generally free. And its free version is used all across the world by millions of people on a daily basis. But if this is for business or official purposes, then you can’t go wrong by subscribing to the premium plan.

The premium plan costs $12 per month. And the Premium for Team costs $15 per month. 

My thought on Grammarly

Irrespective of how good you are in grammar, Grammarly is indispensable to every writer that uses the Internet.

Reread: best online novel editor

Reread is an AI writing tool for analyzing manuscripts. Used by thousands of authors worldwide, reread stands in for a good novel editor and gives you all the feedback you’ll need from a human editor.

Features of Reread

Let’s discuss what Reread does:

Manuscript analysis tool

Reread will check your manuscript in four different dimensions:

  • Part of speech analysis
  • Sentence mapping
  • Literary expert suggestions
  • Dialogue distributions

Reread pricing

Reread is free. And if you want more options, you can discuss with the team for more features and pricing.

Wordtune: for clearer expressions

Wordtune is a writing assistant that helps turn your raw thought into an excellently written text.

No matter how you frame it, Wordtune is designed to understand your text and paraphrase it into a better, clear, and error-free version.

Features of Wordtune

The features of Wordtune are as follows:

Rewrite feature

This rewrite feature is the primary reason why Wordtune exists. You put your words down as they come to you and Wordtune would rewrite them into something really excellent.

Let me show you an example:

Wordtune sample

Word Processor

Wordtune also has a Word Processor, a safe workspace where you can write without distractions. 

Aside from using Wordtune to rewrite your AI-written novel for you, you can also work on it in Wordtune.

My thought on Wordtune

Wordtune is essential if you are writing any long-form content. It comes in handy at a time when you might have become weary and started writing in basic English. With Wordtune as a rewriter, you can assure quality use of language use throughout your writing.

Wordtune pricing

wordtune pricing

Wordtune has a free plan that you can use.

However, the premium plan costs $9.99 per month. There is also Premium for Team which requires you to talk to their sales to get a plan that works for you.

Copyscape: for checking plagiarism

Copyscape is a plagiarism detector. It’s the world’s most popular plagiarism checker and can be used by anyone, including marketers, academics, content creators, and so on.

Features of Copyscape

These are the features of Copyscape.

Plagiarism detector

This helps you check if your content has plagiarized text in it. If there is, you can always change it.


This is an automatic plagiarism alert that you can install on your computer or your website to identify plagiarism. 

Whether this is a piece sent to you by someone or generated for you by AI, or even a novel written by AI, this feature automatically detects any plagiarism in it, highlights the plagiarized text, and tells you the percentage of the plagiarism found therein.

The use case of Copyscape

Copyscape is used for plagiarism checking, and it’s the most popular plagiarism detector in the world. If you adopt it, it will be useful in detecting plagiarism in your novel. is a plot generator that gives you prompts for new paragraphs. In case you don’t know where to start your novel, you can turn to Squibbler to get an idea. It can also be useful when you already are in the middle of writing the novel, as it can help you begin a new paragraph or chapter.

Features of

These are the features of

An idea generator

If you are starting from scratch and don’t know where to start writing your nove, you can use Squibbler’s idea generator to get ideas and begin writing your novel.

Word Processor

If you are looking for a distraction-free, yet crisp and clean workspace to write your novel in, Squibbler is the best tool for that.

It’s very useful and specific to someone writing a novel. 

Export options

Another advantage of is that you don’t have to copy and paste your content. It allows you to export it in Docx. pricing is completely free.

My thought on

Squiibler is needed if you don’t know where to start. It’s also a good writing partner to generate fresh ideas and perspectives from time to time.

Which software is the best for writing a novel?

Jasper AI is the best AI software for writing novels. It’s the only software that has a template for a creative story, and this is a template completely dedicated to writing fiction.

It also has other supplementary features such as tone of voice selection, plagiarism detector, and styles to help make your novel writing a possibility.

Another software with similar features is Rytr. Its story plot template is the perfect tool for setting the plot for your novel.

You can sign up for Jasper now to see how it can be of help.

FAQ About AI Novel Writing Software

Let me quickly answer some of your most important questions.

Which AI tool is best for content writing?

Copy AI and Copysmith are the best AI copywriting tools for content writing, in my opinion. While everyone might speak based on popular opinion or bias, I have tried at least ten AI copywriting tools. And I can tell you those two are the best.

You can read my piece where I gave an in-depth review of Copysmith vs. Copy AI to see learn more about them.

Is novel AI free?

Writing a novel with AI is not free. Although there is a tool with a free option, Rytr. Unfortunately, the amount of words you can create on the free version is highly limited that it’s completely of no use.

AI novel generator

Can I get a free AI novel writing software?

Yes, you can try Rytr or use Jasper’s 5-day free trial.

Will AI write books?

AI has already begun writing books. But that doesn’t mean it does it without human support. No matter how great AI becomes, it’ll always be in need of human collaboration and input.