It used to be simple to compare Copy AI vs. Copysmith: one specialized in eCommerce product descriptions, while the other excelled at social media content. But not anymore.

Over the years, Copysmith has removed several features and added more, while building out more features its users love. Copy AI, on the other hand, has evolved rapidly, and it's almost becoming a different tool completely.

If you're having difficulty deciding between the two, you've come to the right place. As a marketer who has seen how AI content creation tools are changing my industry, I test different generative AI tools to find out their strongest use cases.

In this comparison of Copysmith vs. Copy AI, I will discuss who should use each tool, what each one is best for, and how you can find the best fit for your needs. Let's dive in.

Copysmith vs Copy AI: A Table of Comparison

This table presents a quick overview of how Copy AI compares to Copysmith in terms of basic features.

FeatureCopy AI Copysmith
Long-form contentSupports long-form contentSupports long-form content
Social media contentHas 16 social media templatesHas about ten social media templates
Product descriptionHas a product description generatorWrites several types of product descriptions
Bulk content creationDoesn’t support bulk content creationSupports bulk content creation
Plagiarism checkerDoesn’t have a plagiarism checkerHas a built-in plagiarism checker
Pricing It's $49 per month. Try the free plan now.It starts at $19 per month. Sign up for a free trial now.

Copy AI vs Copysmith: Copy AI review

Copy AI is a multi-purpose generative AI platform for marketers and sales teams. It includes a host of features for generating content, generating images, running marketing campaigns, and boosting productivity.

From merely being an AI content generation tool, CopyAI has become a platform for building and automating your marketing and sales workflow for better efficiency.

Who is Copy AI for?

There are numerous use cases for Copy AI, but the top target users for are:

  • Social media marketers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Outreach specialists
  • Copywriters

What are the best features?

What are the best things Copy AI does? Here goes:

Blog post writing

Copy AI offers a very easy-to-use blog post generation feature. It asks you to provide a content brief, and once you do that, it generates a blog post for you within a couple of minutes.

From a quality standpoint, the content quality is good. But it comes with more than just a blog post. In addition to the blog post generated, you'll also get three title suggestions and meta descriptions.

All these will cut down on the amount of time you spend writing.

Need an example? Below is a screenshot with an example of Copy AI-generated content:

Copy AI workflow automation
If you've been following the AI trend from the beginning, you'll agree with me that generating AI is no longer good enough of a selling point.

Copy AI knew this and has taken things to another level with their workflow automation. The AI workflow automation helps you automate routine and reptitive tasks

Product Description

Another aspect of Copy AI that I enjoyed exploring was product description. You'll like this if you own an eCommerce store or sell anything online at all.

I asked it to write a description for my company, and it did an excellent job. This is a screenshot of it:

Copy AI's product description template
Copy AI's product description template

Ad copy

When it comes to digital ad copy, Copy AI is unrivaled. It will provide you with the appropriate copy regardless of your industry or the subject of your advertisement.

I know this because I tried it on as many different types of ad copy as I could and they all turned out great.

As an example, consider the following advertisement for my fictitious real estate company:

A sample of Copy AI ad copy
A sample of Copy AI ad copy

Look at the image well, and you’ll see that it didn’t give me just one option. In fact, it gave five, but that was as much as my screen camera could capture.

But that’s not all. I used the generic template to develop this. But you can use a specialized one, such as:

  • Facebook headlines
  • Facebook link description
  • Facebook listicle
  • Facebook primary text
  • Google descriptions
  • Google headline
  • LinkedIn ad copy

Social media content creation

Aside from advertisements, you can also use Copy AI to create social media content.

Copy AI could be useful if you want to keep your social media audience engaged throughout the day and your page fresh.

And, because it's impossible to be creative and active every hour of the day, using this tool can help you overcome issues like writer's block.

Let me show you an example from a social media post it wrote for me.

Copy AI soial media content
Copy AI soial media content


Copy AI pricing
Copy AI pricing

Forever free: This plan is for new users who want to test out the software. It gives you 2,000 free words every month to let you see if you're going to become a paid subscriber.

$4 per month: That’s the only paid plan there is on Copy AI, and it gives you unlimited credit for writing. This makes it one of the most affordable AI tools in the marketplace.


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s versatile
  • It’s popular
  • It has an active and growing Facebook community


  • It doesn’t have a plagiarism checker
  • It doesn’t integrate
  • It doesn’t have any SEO feature

Copy AI vs Copysmith: Copysmith Review

Copysmith is best for writing product descriptions, blog posts, and social media content and ads, in my opinion.

It is an AI writing platform that was created to meet the needs of eCommerce businesses. Then, as the industry's competition increased and it became more aware of its users' desires, it evolved by adding more copywriting templates, some of which I'll show you below.


In comparison to Copy AI, what are the standout features of Copysmith? They are as follows:

Blog post creation

Copysmith is fantastic at creating blog posts, especially if you're trying to rank on Google. Remember that this is a platform for online marketers and vendors. As a result, the format of the article it writes is entirely blog-like.

If you're looking for something with a broader application, take a look at my list of the best AI article writing software.

Meanwhile, what makes Copysmith such a powerful blog writer is its ability to collaborate with you to create something you like.

For example, when you prompt it to create a blog post, it generates some ideas and titles and displays them for you to choose from.

If you don't get what you want, you can regenerate to get more options. It will also display an outline and allow you to edit it to ensure that you are on the same page.

At the end of the day, you'll have a blog post of the following quality:

A sample of how Copysmith writes a blog post
A sample of how Copysmith writes a blog post

That’s an example of a piece of content written for me by Copysmith. That, for me, is good enough.

Social media ad and content

Another thing Copysmith excels at is creating social media articles. In the past, I thought Copy AI was superior in this regard because it provided a greater number of templates. I couldn't be more mistaken.

I accidentally put Copysmith's social media creation template to the test. I wanted to include it in the article as a side-by-side comparison with Copy AI to demonstrate that it is not a better alternative.

But I was proven incorrect. The standard was exceptional. And as you can see in the image below, this is an example of a Facebook ad:

A sample of Copysmith ad
A sample of Copysmith ad

I’m still completely blown away by the maturity and the power of this ad. I trust you can see that yourself now.

Product description

What platform comes to mind first when you think of product description writing? Jasper? Writesonic? Rytr?

If you own an eCommerce storefront, disregard all of them. Just as Writesonic can handle all aspects of article writing, Copysmith can handle all aspects of product description writing.

After experimenting with dozens of AI content creation tools, it's the only platform I'm aware of that includes the following templates:

  • Instagram product launch
  • Etsy product description
  • eBay product description
  • Amazon product description
  • Flipkart product description
  • General product description

Need I say more? And if you want to talk about the content quality, you won’t even believe what it’s capable of; see the example below.

A sample of eBay product description written by Copysmith
A sample of eBay product description written by Copysmith

That’s not to mention the fact that it can generate this for you in bulk. 

Plagiarism checker

Copysmith is undoubtedly not the only AI writing platform with this feature. However, it is one of the few that has it built in and you do not have to pay extra for it.

It is available to all subscribers, though to varying degrees depending on their subscription plan.

Consider the case of Jasper. It's an integration that comes with additional fees, which you won't be aware of until you sign up.

But enough with the small talk. Let's talk about its efficacy, shall we?

To find out, I ran a quick test in which I copied some text from the web and pasted it into a piece generated by Copysmith.

It caught it all at once, and the result is as follows:

An in-built plagiarism detector by Copysmith
An in-built plagiarism detector by Copysmith

Download options

One of my favorite thing about Copysmith is the download feature. This lets you download your content and use them offline. And it comes it four versions:

  • CSV
  • PDF
  • Docx
  • TXT

This isn’t something you get with any other AI copywriting software out there.


Copysmith has a host of tools it integrates with, including:

  • Hootsuite
  • Shopify
  • Google ads
  • Zapier

And so on. It also exists as a browser extension and can be used in your Google Docs.

Each of these integrations has its own benefits, depending on your goal. For instance, its integration with Google Ads and Shopify means you can upload your content directly to either of these platforms just by clicking a button.


Copysmith pricing plans
Copysmith pricing plans

$19 per month: This plan gives you 20,000 words and 20 plagiarism checks per month. It also lets you access all the integrations.

$59 per month: This will let you generate 80,000 words and use the plagiarism detector 100 times.

$299 per month: This is their enterprise plan, and it gives you 100,000 words with a host of other features, including bulk content creation, download options, and so on.


There are so many advantages to using Copysmith. Here are some of them:

  • Intuitive UI
  • Stable pricing
  • Affordability
  • Good customer support


The limitations of Copysmith I’ve seen are:

  • They’re not super focused on SEO
  • They’ve iterated and got better a lot over the years, but they don’t market their product well enough

How to Choose Between Copy AI and Copysmith

By virtue of their latest updates, both platforms have inched closer to each other. Although Copysmith still focuses on eCommerce product descriptions, Copy AI doesn’t have any area of specialization.

But my experience has shown that it’s a great tool for marketers and sales teams. So, choose one based on your business goals.

If you aren’t pleased with the two, you can check out the Anyword vs. Jasper review. Is there anything else you want to know on the subject of Copy AI vs Copysmith? I answered some of your questions below.

FAQs about Copy AI vs Copysmith

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on this subject.

Does Copy AI use GPT-3?

Yes, Copy AI uses GPT-3 to generate content. It’s been using GPT-3 from the beginning as it's the best and latest model in the history of GPTs.

Is Copy AI free?

Yes, Copy AI is free. But it's better to be a premium subscriber since there is limit to what you can do on the free plan.

Is Copysmith the same thing as Copy AI?

No, Copysmith and Copy AI are two separate tools. One is focused on eCommerce sites while the other is more focused on social media. They are both versatile though, and they both create long-form content.