If you are comparing Rytr vs  Jasper AI, the first thing to know is that these two AI copywriting tools are very different. One is popular for creating long-form content, while the other supports almost no form of long-form content.

In this comparison post, I will discuss these tools, compare their most prominent features, share their subsistence features, and show you relevant screenshots to help you see the quality of their content.

I hope this will help you choose well. Let’s get started.

Rytr vs Jasper: A Quick Evaluation

The table below lets you have a quick evaluation of both software, what they have or don’t, and how they compare in terms of basic features.

Long-form content creationDoesn’t support long-form contentSupports long-form content
AI copywriting templatesHas about 40 templatesHas 50+ templates or more
Plagiarism checkerHas a built-in plagiarism checkerIntegrates with Copyscape for plagiarism checking
Ease of useVery easy to useNot easy to use
User experienceUses a minimalist designNot easy to use
PricingHas a free plan. Paid plan starts at $9Pricing starts at $49

Rytr vs Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis): A Side-by-side Comparison

In this section, we will take both Rytr and Jasper AI one after the other, starting with Rytr and its features.

What is Rytr?

Rytr is an AI writing assistant for creating different types of short-form content. Its content creation templates cover social media posts, ads, emails, SMS, product description, and so on.

If you are a startup owner or a social media manager, Rytr is a perfect tool for you.

But let’s weigh it based on the features it offers.

Features of Rytr

What we are about to review are the major features of Rytr and where it’s strongest.

Social media content

Having tried Rytr, I can tell that Rytr is good for creating general social media content. Although if you are looking for something more professional, I wouldn’t recommend it. And this is due to some reasons.

First, Rytr doesn’t have separate templates for its social media content. Instead, it groups Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn content under the same template, and this is a weakness.

See it an example in the screenshot below:

Rytr social media content

That’s the example of the social media content it created for me, and I wouldn’t say I’m impressed by that. Neither would you.

Email content

I also tested Rytr’s email content and I think it did well in that area. For example, when I used it to generate an email for my company to my audience, below is what it came up with:

Rytr email sample

Considering that I have used several other tools to generate an email, I’d say that wasn’t bad.

Plagiarism checker

Rytr comes with an in-built plagiarism checker. If you are using Rytr to create content, then you don’t have to worry about plagiarism.

You can always use the tool to test your copy for plagiarism.

Blog content

Rytr cannot create a full blog post, but it has supporting features that can make your blog post creation faster.

Some templates to help you create blog posts are:

  • Blog idea and outline
  • Blog section writing
  • Keywords generator

Rytr templates

Here is a list of some of the templates of Rytr:

  • Business idea pitch
  • Email
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads
  • Google search ad
  • Keyword extractor
  • Product description 
  • SMS

If you are looking for more tools with more use cases, you can check out these Rytr alternatives.

Rytr Pricing 

Rytr pricing

Free plan: plagiarism checker, 1,000 characters per month, access to all templates, and access to all languages.

$9 per month: generation of 50,000 characters per month, access to plagiarism checker, access to all templates, access to all languages.

$29 per month: Unlimited generation and access to every feature.

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Pros of Rytr

  • It’s very easy to use
  • It uses a minimalist design
  • Very affordable
  • Has a free plan
  • Has specific use cases
  • Pricing is stable

Cons of Rytr

  • It has limited use cases

What is Jasper AI (previously Jarvis)?

Jasper is an AI copywriting software for marketers and several others. It has several use cases and is one of the most versatile content creation tools on the web.

This is one tool that can be used by marketers and non-marketers alike, including journalists and book authors.

Let’s look into the core features of Jasper.

Features of Jasper AI

As said, Jasper is quite versatile, but that doesn’t mean it’s best for everything. The following are the strongest use cases of Jasper:

Boss Mode

Jasper’s Boss Mode is for creating blog posts. It’s one feature that allows you to instruct the tool and foster collaboration.

When writing with Boss Mode, you can give it some information and instruct it to create the content you want.

Here is an extract from the content I used it to create:

Jasper blog post

Novel and essay

One of the features you’ll find in Jasper AI, and not elsewhere, is the novel and essay content creation.

Another tool that also creates essays and creates content is Copy AI. And for that reason, I have written a comparison post on Copy AI vs Jasper. You can read it to learn more.

However, when it comes to AI-generated novels, I’ve found Jasper AI to be more successful. If this is one of the things you want to use AI writing for, then rest assured that Jasper would be a great choice.

Integration with Surfer SEO

Jasper also integrates with Surfer SEO, which lets users optimize their content for better search ranking. 

This only requires you to insert your primary keyword, and Surfer SEO will show you other secondary keywords you should add to your content to make it well-optimized.

Want to see that at work? Check this screenshot out:

Jasper AI's integration with Surfer

Plagiarism checker

Jasper also integrates with Copyscape for plagiarism checking. This saves you from plagiarism, should your content have any.

It also means you don’t need to separate apps for your work since the two tools work together and can be used in the same place.

But I must mention that Jasper’s plagiarism checker comes with a catch, which is, you are going to need to add additional funds before you can access it.

I was disappointed to see this the first time, but if Jasper is worth it for you, then it is a minor price to pay to enjoy it.

Here it is in the screenshot below:

Jasper AI plagiarism checker

Jasper’s UI

Jasper isn’t an easy tool to use, but they have a tooltip that enables you to see where to go next. And soon as you open the software, you’ll see things like this guiding you on where to go next:

Jasper onboarding

Here is another one:

Jasper onboarding 2

Jasper AI Templates

Here are some of Jasper’s templates:

  • Creative story
  • Blog post outline
  • Content improver
  • Facebook ad primary text
  • Google ads headline
  • Good ads description
  • Amazon product description
  • Short social posts, and more.

Jasper’s Pricing 

Jasper AI pricing

$49: 35,000 words, access to all templates (short-form content), a Google Docs style editor, and more.

$99: 100,000 words, access to all templates, a Google Docs style editor, Boss Mode, long-form content, and more.

Business plan: you’ll need to book a demo for this.

Pros of Jasper

  • It has diverse templates
  • It’s popular
  • It creates long-form content
  • Continuous upgrade
  • Has a popular and thriving Facebook community
  • Good customer support

Pros of Jasper

  • It’s not easy to use.
  • It has a steep learning curve.
  • It’s quite expensive.
  • You get charged for a free trial.

Rytr vs Jasper: An in-depth comparison

What we have basically done so far is an assessment of the features and how they work. However, I want to have an in-depth discussion here on how they compare and the features they have in common.

Blog post creation

In terms of blog post creation, Rytr can’t do much. Its greatest ability here is to create an outline for you.

Jasper, on the other hand, creates good blog posts. And it also takes care of other aspects, like optimizing the blog posts, creating outlines, writing summaries, writing introductions, and so on.

If your focus is on building a blog post, choose Jasper AI.

Short-form content creation

When it comes to short-form, Jasper AI also has more features than Rytr. Rytr is known for having limited use cases. While in recent days, it has added more templates, it’s still far behind when compared to Jasper, with over 50 templates in diverse fields.

Plagiarism checker

Both tools come with a plagiarism checker. But Rytr’s plagiarism checker is in-built and doesn’t require more funds.

Jasper is integrated with Copyscape, which is the most popular plagiarism checker. However, Jasper will require you to pay an extra fee before you can use it.

In this case, Rytr is a better option, and I completely trust its plagiarism checker.

Supported languages

Other than English, both Rytr and Jasper are multi-lingual. Jasper AI supports about 25 languages, while Rytr supports 30+.

If you want to choose one based on how many languages they support, just find the one that has the other language you’ll like to write in.

Rytr vs Jasper AI: which one should you choose?

From all indications, Jasper AI is a better tool than Jasper except for the affordability issue. So, it’s advisable to choose Jasper. 

However, if you are operating on a shoestring budget and not looking for too many use cases, you can choose Rytr.

I hope this piece helps you to make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Rytr and Jasper (Known previously as Jarvis)

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have concerning these AI writing tools.

Are there better alternatives to Rytr and Jasper?
Yes, every tool has an alternative that may be better. But that depends a lot on what you need. I have written about the best alternatives to many software, including the best alternatives to Copy AI.

Is Rytr better than Jasper AI (Jarvis)?

That’s subjective. If your Jasper AI meets your needs the most, then it’s best for you than Jasper AI. and vice versa. But Jasper is generally a better tool in my experience.

Does Rytr have a lifetime deal?

No, they don’t have a lifetime deal. But they have a yearly plan which costs $290 a year.

Can Rytr work with Grammarly?

Yes, you can write content using Rytr and take it to Grammarly for proofreading and plagiarism check.

Does Rytr use GPT-3?

Yes, both Rytr and Jasper use GPT-3 like the rest of the GPT-3 tools.

And that's it on Rytr vs Jasper.